Praise Companies provides expert in-house design, customized signage manufacturing, and installation and ensures that all signs are built to specification. We’ll manage your entire project from start to finish so that you won’t need to deal with multiple entities.

Proper sign installation involves much more than the actual install of your interior or exterior sign or lighting. Our experienced project managers will conduct an engineering survey if necessary and obtain the proper permits. Landscaping, your parking lot, building structure, and many other elements also need to be taken into consideration for an efficient and suitable install.

From simple wall letter and sign installations to advanced pylon LED illuminated signs and messaging centers requiring our crane, Praise Sign and Lighting has the experience and equipment to get the job done.



Power outages, wind damage, and vandalism are just three events that can harm your signage and lighting. But, even small inconveniences can lead to larger problems. For example, when portions of your neon sign burn out, or the light bulbs in your illuminated sign need changing, your customers might think that you’ve closed for the evening.

Praise Companies is dedicated to resolving your signage service and maintenance issues quickly and efficiently. Our experts can service and maintain your sites’ interior or exterior signage or interior/exterior lighting as well as retrofit or install new custom signage and lighting if needed or desired.

From design, to the surveying of your site, to installation of awnings, banners, pylon signs, electronic LED message centers, and more including the maintenance of your interior or exterior signage, Praise Sign and Lighting is the one company who can handle it all.



When you think of signage engineering you might think of the structure of your outdoor sign or the design and manufacturing of your lighting fixtures. However there’s much more to engineering that needs to be considered.

Your outdoor signage needs to adhere to your local municipality’s ordinances and you must have all of the proper permits prior to installation. The soil grade where the sign is to be installed needs to be evaluated for preparedness. And the landscape surrounding your outdoor sign should conform to your sign’s visibility.

Permit requirements, sign construction, maintenance, nonconforming status, cutting and trimming of vegetation, cutoff and extensions, and soil evaluation are all part of what we do.

Praise Companies’ in house engineering department will create a sign structure that can be customized and designed to your exacting standards, no matter how difficult the location may be. And yes, we’re UL Certified and UL Listed, one of only a few in West Michigan.

Praise Companies will also take care of the site-specific engineering services, including structural calculations, such as the foundational requirements necessary to set your pylons.

Praise Companies will help you plan correctly with extensive engineering. From pylon signs to monument signs, outdoor lighting to retrofits, and virtually every messaging system in between, whatever it is you need to welcome your customers Praise Sign and Lighting has the experience to get the job done on time and within your budget.


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Praise Companies Inc.