Installing upgraded LED lighting makes the most sense. It’s one of the easiest ways you can start improving your business’s energy efficiency.

LED’s are light-emitting diodes, a type of solid state lighting that uses a semi-conductor to convert electricity into light. Their light source is minute, making them more effective and energy efficient in illumination than other light sources. LED’s have the ability to focus their light in a single direction so as to not waste valuable energy illuminating wide and unnecessary areas such as ceilings or the outdoor sky. Widespread use of LED lighting in businesses and industries has quickly shown a significant reduction in the cost of energy and waste. And LED lighting is truly more light manageable, environmentally friendly, and cost efficient –no matter the type or size of your business.

The number one savings benefit for switching to LED’s are the energy savings you’ll receive. Example: Switching from linear fluorescent bulbs to linear LED could save you between 75 and 90-percent in energy costs. An average linear LED lasts around 60,000 hours while a fluorescent lasts about 20,000. Convert your outdoor signage to LED and receive valuable cost savings plus the comfort of knowing that certain letters or entire aspects of your signage won’t be constantly going dark. Beyond any signage, converting your parking lot and inside lighting to LEDs will save you more.

Praise Companies Inc.

Praise Companies Inc.