We are Praise Companies, dedicated to helping your business stand out from the rest through integrity, experience, and award-winning service. At Praise Companies, we take pride in everything we do.

What sets us apart from other signage, lighting and electrical businesses is our ability to effectively manage all your projects. Do you have Signage – Lighting – Electrical concerns? Praise Companies. In need of energy efficient lighting? Praise Companies. Underground power established? Praise Companies. Replacing your existing lighting system with up-to-date LED’s? Praise Companies.

Praise Companies serves both large and small businesses, single and multiple locations and all industries from retail and restaurants to schools, airports, warehouses, and more. We are ready to help you plan and execute the perfect cost-efficient projects.

We are located just south of Grand Rapids in West Michigan and are your one source to turn to for effective visibility. There’s no need to hire various contractors to design, manufacture, install your signage, retrofit your lighting or implement your electrical needs. We can provide you with Indoor and Outdoor Signage, Lighting, Electrical efficiencies, and retrofit your current lighting system into a more cost-efficient lighting system such as replacing fluorescent bulbs with energy saving LED bulbs. Everything you need is all under one roof – Praise Companies.



    • We’re Praise Companies and we believe in displaying a Praiseworthy sense of doing what’s right, by God, our Family, and our Work.

    • We proudly serve God by serving our community and our employees and strive to uphold decency and respect toward all.

    • We believe in Respect, Dependability, and Fairness.

    • We believe in focusing on you, our customer, through Quality, Innovation, and Accountability and by providing your signage and lighting in a world class manner.

    • We believe in visual appeal, cleanliness, time and cost efficiencies, and designing with a purpose. We believe in never being afraid to think outside of the box.

    • We believe in improving on your expectations.