We are a national signage and lighting solutions company for all your signage and lighting requests from new signs and installation, to lighting retrofits and ongoing service & maintenance…all with the broadest national coverage available.

We also believe in displaying a Praiseworthy sense of doing what’s right, by God, our Family, and our Work.

We believe in focusing on you, our customer, through Quality, Innovation, and Accountability and by providing your lighting needs in a world class manner. It’s what we strive for everyday in everything we do.


    • Praise Companies is the only approved signage/lighting/electrical company in Michigan to offer you energy efficient savings by converting your current signage lighting to LED lighting.
    • Custom LED digital lighting design, manufacturing, and installation.
    • Cost efficient. It’s what we live by.
    • Clean signage and lighting installation.
    • If needed, custom designs and custom manufacturing.
    • We prefer to work with you every step of the way, from initial idea to installation.
    • We specialize in electronic LED message centers.
    • We offer several manufacturing solutions to allow room for options, room for growth.
    • Experienced in neon sign maintenance or replacement.
    • We can start from scratch for your new business or current business.
    • Retrofit LED digital lighting.
    • UL listed and licensed.
    • State-of-the-Art technology for both traditional and digital design.
    • An 8,000 sq. ft. working facility with: 6X12 CNC multicam router, Bridgeport mills, two 5-ton overhead cranes, 40-foot crane truck, metal bending brakes, sheet metal shears, radial arm saw, and aluminum and steel Mig welders, 90-foot Giuffre crane truck with articulating 2-man basket, 54-inch HP latex printer, 54-inch laminator, 60-inch HP cutter/plotter, 35-foot Genie scissor lift, 20-foot Haulotte scissor lift, 1/4-inch x 12-foot Cincinnati hydraulic shear, 12-foot x 100 ton Cincinnati brake press with autobend 6 back gauge, Dake SE 912 bandsaw, fleet of service trucks and vans.
    • No matter where you’re located, we comply with your local, state, and national ordinances.
    • We service small, medium, and large businesses; Retail; Automotive dealers; Healthcare facilities; Utility DOT; Sports/Entertainment complexes; Airports; Factories/Plants; Universities/Schools; Office Parks; Warehousing/Distribution Centers, Hotels, and more.
    • LED’s use less energy than traditional lighting to provide the same brightness of light, thus demanding less from our power plants and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.
    • LED’s use no toxic elements such as mercury which ultimately contaminate landfills.
    • Fewer LED’s are needed to achieve the same amount of effective lighting provided by incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Using fewer lights reduces our individual energy consumption.
    • LED’s last about six times longer than other types of lights. This reduces our number of lighting purchases, effectively reducing the amount of packaging we incur.

Praise Companies Inc.

Praise Companies Inc.